“Nothing will benefit health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet – Albert Einstein”

There are many ways to embrace vegan living. Yet one thing all vegans have in common is a plant-based diet avoiding all animal food such as meat, dairy, eggs, and honey, as well as avoiding animal-derived materials, products tested on animals, and places that use animals for entertainment. At present, with the COVID affecting everywhere, veganism seems to be the recent trend being adopted worldwide.

Difference between Veganism and Vegetarianism


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The majority of the population is aware of only two types of people – vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. ..!! Many people all over the world are heading over to becoming a vegan. But, These days a pure ‘VEGAN DIET’ is in trend mostly. A vegan diet is misunderstood as vegetarian food. People have misconceptions that a vegan diet is a sort of weight loss diet, which can be followed easily. But actually, being a vegetarian and vegan following veganism are two different things. Vegetarian people are allowed to consume all sorts of green plants and as well as dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, ghee, cottage cheese, etc. But the one, who follows a completely vegan diet, is prohibited to eat any kind of dairy products or any food which is directly or indirectly obtained from animals.


What Exactly Is Veganism?

Veganism and how to become one?

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“Veganism” is simply a practice to completely abandon the use of animal products. It can be in the form of food or the form of solid products like leather, fur, animal-tested cosmetics, etc. This term ‘VEGANISM’ was first coined by Mr. Donald Watson.


The Diet Which Vegans Consume to follow veganism:

The complete restriction on consuming any sort of products derived from animals in diet means,  to be dependent only on fruits and green plants and vegetables. Vegans in their veganism especially consume a lot of nutritious seeds, nuts, grains, lentils, fruits, juices, tofu, almond milk, vegan snacks, green and leafy vegetables, etc. Vegans do not even use honey in their diet, as it is obtained from honey bees. Veganism followed by the vegan diet is usually devoid of fats. But the vegan diet is rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals. Counting on the positive effects, a vegan diet really helps us with bone health and chronic disease. It is rich and healthy. A plant-based diet increases metabolism.


Some interesting facts about vegans and their veganism

-Veganism is great for the environment.

-They spare about 30 animals’ lives each year.

-They have a longer lifespan than non-vegans.

-Vegans save around 45 pounds of grain each day.

-In America, around 2.5 million people who are 55 or above-aged practice veganism.


How to Become a Vegan?

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It’s not an overnight change to become a vegan. Not all people are the same. It is mostly mistaken by the people that a vegan diet is really easy to opt for. At first, we need to take it slow. Suddenly changing the food habits will definitely affect the overall health for sure, as the body and mind will need some time to adapt to the new and sudden change. We can start the vegan diet by changing our food style slowly, starting from the very first meal of the day that is our breakfast. Slowly, we can change it in a couple of weeks.

Of course, we need to know if we are following the correct method of the vegan diet. Keep trying new things and never hesitate to ask other people for help, especially from those vegans who are practicing veganism for a long time. Most importantly, a thought may come to the mind of giving up the vegan diet but NEVER give up. Cheer up. Surely we can have a healthy, fit, and beautiful body, mind, and spirit.

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