project sapna

About Project S.A.P.N.A

SAPNA stands for Support Program for Gender Non-Confirming Children and Adolescents. Sapna is a dream, a support program initiated by Little Umbrella Foundation to educate and empower gender non-conforming kids and adolescents. 

The project targets to benefit children with transgender identity or having gender non-conforming behaviour. special emphasis would be given to those children who are compelled to leave institutional education or have indulged themselves into any form of labour or avocation unsuited for their age, for livelihood.

To make a fair society that helps to eradicate gender clichés, encourage social changes and incorporate all people irrespective of their gender to achieve gender equality that is what SAPNA aims to carry out. Hence, SAPNA compels itself to hold awareness programs to make known such children and decrease the taboo around the said children.


Sapna pledges to nurture and provide humanitarian support to gender non-conforming children, who can exercise their fundamental right to education and gender equality and can have sustainable access without any constraint and are no longer susceptible to discrimination, indiscretion and animosity.


Sapna envisions an inclusive society where every child, irrespective of their gender identity, enjoys the fundamental rights and is provided with adequate opportunity and respect to foster overall development and thrive on expressing themselves freely without any apprehensiveness.

Our Methods

Awareness Program

Conducting Live sessinos, Webinars and workshops

Institutional education

Through virtual Vidyalay, an appropriate method of learning shall be developed to facilitate proper knowledge and resources to the children of different age groups.

Skill development

considering the fact that, the people of this community face a huge challenge to find proper employment, under this project child above the age of 15 will be given vocational training according to their interests, which would help them to get proper and dignified employment in future.

Creating employment opportunities

In collaboration with our associates and partners placement drives exclusively for the transgender/ gernder non-conforming people, shall be organised in different industries.

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