Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Children’s Rights

Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where all children have a happy childhood and equal share of rights

Prity always had an affection for children and always went out of her way to help them. She worked for many NGO’s before starting Little Umbrella Foundation.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”


In accordance to the above quote, it is highly important for each and every children to make their greatest investment in knowledge and reap success as a result. With this as her maxim Ms. Prity Banerjee made a head start by devising LUF and started coining various ideas and ways to bring up the living standards of these little children by providing them quality education.

prity banerjee little umbrella

Prity Banerjee


coming from a anagement backaground, a social entrepreneur. Creating a lineage for youth and endless love for children.  

Dr Sarthak


General physician and a humanitarian at heart. 

dr sarthak luf

“Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time” – Rabindranath Tagore.

The great poet and musician had implemented the alternative education system where he used to teach children under the open sky with music, art and storytelling.

The Little Umbrella Foundation in Delhi follows the same.

Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe and quality Learning Spaces

Education is one of the greatest exigency in every child’s life. But, how many of them really have the privilege to pursue that requisite which is indispensable in their lives? The answer clearly is ,‘NO,NOT MANY!!’. What has to be done in order to help these children out of the deep pit of illiteracy?
This thought rose our minds and LITTLE UMBRELLA FOUNDATION was formed to help these children in getting at least the basic level of education, so as to increase their interest in education and also make these tiny toddlers more knowledgeable and illuminous. We follow the system of ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION in which we provide education to children who didn’t get the prospect of formal education or children who dropped out of schools due to various reasons. Alternative education is so needed in this fast paced world we live in. Our society’s Matrix is full of inconveniences but it is also filled with opportunity.

If we choose to go down the rabbit hole and discover the other options to educate these children we could end up discovering various methods to help them out and make them achieve the fruit of success.

— Our Mission

Our mission is to develop young children with active and artistic minds, the simplest way of understanding and compassion for others, and also the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the general development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.

— Our Vision

Our vision at LUF is to become the handiest NGO program to handle the schooling quality gaps of children and help our country improve its rankings in social development indicators and in various other ways, so that our country remains rich not only because of natural wealth but also because of humanness.


Little kids are the illumination of our country. But not all of them gleam out well. Why must a child suffer while there are lot of people out there to lend them a helping hand and lift them up to see this beatific world? We wanted to be the helping hands to these tiny tots. There are ample reasons for children to lose their education. Some of those reasons are poverty, lack of educational facilities and various other social factors. Not all these reasons can be dealt with , but at least these children can be shielded from those factors. These common notions made us create LITTLE UMBRELLA FOUNDATION, an anchor to hold on for little children.


Meet The Team

I'm the HOD!!!

Anusuya Sarma

Project head and HOD Virtual Vidyalaya Classes

I'm the Social Media Leader

Mehak Taneja

Social Media Marketing Head

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sapna project head
I'm the Project Head - SAPNA

Abesh Dasgupta

Project head Sapna Project

I'm the Legal Advisor

Rahul Vidhiya

Our core group member, supporter and legal advisor

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Deepika CA
I'm the CA

Deepika Bansal Gupta

Our core group member, supporter and Chattered Accountant

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project coordinator


Project Coordinator Virtual Vidyalaya

Shruti Tyagi

Team Leader
Virtual Vidyalaya

lufstar social media head

Sushmita Kochar

Head Marketing and Communication

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Darshan Salunke

Team Leader Social Media

Corona Yodhha

Laxmi Kapse

Project Coordinator Virtual Vidyalaya

Gavika Taneja

Project Coordinator Virtual Vidyalaya

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Kishika Bahl

Project Coordinator Virtual Vidyalaya

Shipra Verma

Project Coordinator Virtual Vidyalaya

Our Lufstars

They are and always will be a part of LUF – Little Umbrella Foundation