Classroom isn’t just a physical space for teaching and learning. It is like a second home for any child as it plays a crucial role in his/her hollistic development. For the personality development of any child, social interaction with their fellow mates is must. Hence, if these children remain confined to their homes, they may develop serious mental health issues including anxiety and depression as many psychologists have pointed out.

The covid pandemic has shattered the education sector with continuous lockdowns and school closures. Online learning has become the new normal. However many pediatricians across the world have opined that too much of screen time leads to physical strain on the eyes and loss of cognitive abilities in a student. Moreover, online classes may facilitate the dissemination of information but it is not in every student’s capacity to be able to grasp that information.

Recently, UNICEF and UNESCO issued a joined statement stating that reopening of schools can’t wait and that schools should be the first to open and the last to close. Developed countries like USA and UK have taken all steps to reopen schools despite a lesser digital divide. It is because they understand the significance of classroom learning for human resource development.

In India, the NITI Ayog has also called for reopening schools and urged for the vaccination of all teachers, staff and parents of the children. Vaccination of these concerned people is the only route towards safe reopening of schools. We must come together and ensure a brighter future for our children and save the current generation from a catastrophe.


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