Medical Health Camp by NGO for Children Little Umbrella Foundation

A routine medical health camp was organized by Little Umbrella Foundation. The camp was conducted at the Little Umbrella centre at Saket, near the Garden of Five Senses. 


Little Umbrella has initiated a new campaign for children called “Weekend Nutrition Project” where the children will be provided with a nutritious diet after evaluating their Body Mass Index and general health status.


In order to achieve sustainable growth amongst children along with the education program, it is very important to monitor their health condition and regular follow up for the same. A medical health camp was conducted by Little Umbrella Foundation for the children to be admitted under this project. Various Doctors joined the cause and contributed their free consultation. To monitor better quality follow free blood tests also took place. Tata 1mg contributed free health check-up tests. 

  • Dr. Sarthak Chakravarty
  • Dr Shilpa Handa
  • DT. Urvashi Narang
  • Physio Therapist Priya

participated and provided their valuable consultation to the children. 

Good health and Eduction should be accessible to every child for a country’s development, it is of utmost importance to have healthy and sound children, who are going to be the future of the country.

Happy Faces after Health Check-Up

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