A Child’s Plight In The Pandemic Times

The journey of life is never completely smooth. It’s full of unpredictable twists and turns and unfortunately, something similar has happened, in the present, challenging times of the COVID19 pandemic, where our normal, routined and busy lives have suddenly come, to a complete standstill, overnight..!!
covid_sad_childAll of us were left totally clueless, anxious, and fearful, worrying intensely about the future ahead. It seemed as if, our destiny has taken a complete U-turn altogether and several uneasy and troublesome thoughts constantly started racing through our minds. Similarly, just like us adults, this whole mayhem of the global pandemic had an even greater impact upon the children’s overall mental, emotional, and physical health. The young children  (especially the toddlers), who are not even capable of understanding what pandemics are or this lockdown is all about, have multiple questions running through their innocent minds like,  “Why are my parents not even allowing me to step out of the house?” or “Is it some form of a punishment that I am receiving?” or “When can I go to my favorite ice-cream parlor near our home?” and soon. It has really been a traumatic experience especially, for young children,  who instead of going to schools, playing outside with their friends or learning several different new skills and enhancing their hobbies, have sadly been forced, to spend their time at home  24*7. 
Unfortunately, by being trapped inside the four walls of their homes, these young kids are nowadays mostly, spending their time, either by watching some shows on TV or playing video games or simply sleeping at their homes, due to a lack of proper routine. Though the parents and other family members are putting in their best efforts, to keep their children motivated and positive, by keeping them engaged in different indoor activities and games.
I really wonder, till how long we will be able to keep our children indoors?? It seems like a really difficult task, considering the amount of time that has already been spent under lockdown. Though we have entered the fourth stage of the lockdown, the major question that still remains in our mind is,  “When and how, the situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic is going to get back to normal? “Thus, besides causing an unprecedented loss of life and economy, this global pandemic has truly affected the overall growth and development, of the children and it is definitely a matter of concern for all of us.
Therefore, the least we can do for our children, during the current unpredictable times of the COVID-19 is, at least making sure that they are receiving enough quality time, love, care and attention from us, as being responsible adults, it is our duty to make them feel safe and secure at their homes, by trying to make things a little more lively and exciting at home, so that it will be easier for them to sail through this time peacefully by remaining indoor still things get better. 
Anusuya Sarma(Co-founder, KBK Resource Center)
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