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5 Simple and Healthy Evening Snack Ideas

Are you craving something tasty and healthy at the same time? Well, you have arrived at the right spot. Keep reading!


COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected our lives. One major thing that it has taught everyone is that our health and immunity are what matters the most. Everyone wants to include something healthy in their diet. However, cooking something healthy takes a lot of time! Well, not after you complete reading this blog post.

Here, we present you with the five simple evening snack ideas that require either minimal preparation or no preparation at all!


1. Makhanas

Makhanas or fox nuts are lotus seeds. So, if you are attending an online webinar or binge-watching your favourite show, makhana is always on the go! Just roast a handful of makhanas in some ghee, add some pepper to them, and voila! A perfect healthy evening snack is ready for you to munch.

2. Roasted Chana

Kala chana or Bengal gram whole is a good source of protein and fibre. It is loaded with various micronutrients. Its taste is as good as its health benefits. So, ditch those unhealthy foods like processed chips and choose healthy roasted chana instead for an evening snack.

3. Sprout Chaat

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Moong dal or Green gram whole can be sprouted overnight. It can be consumed the next day by adding some lemon juice along with some chopped vegetables. This snack item is an excellent source of Vitamin C and Iron which will boost your immunity.

4. Ragi/Oats/Jowar Upma

Substitute your regular semolina (suji) with ragi/oats/jowar. Ragi is a wonderful source of Calcium, Jowar and Oats are good sources of dietary fiber. These cereal grains will make your upma more healthy and they are also gluten-free! (Check label of oats for ‘gluten free’ as it could be contaminated by wheat while processing).

5. Fruit Smoothie

Add your favourite fruits along with some curd and a handful of oats to a blender and your simple smoothie recipe is ready. Micronutrients from fruits and probiotic curd will boost your immunity and also enrich your gut microbiome thereby improving digestion.

Do give a try at these amazing snack ideas! Which of these healthy foods is your favourite? Comment down below!


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