We love to be friends with each other.. people who live in our neighborhood, who are our friends and relatives. But we rarely look to those who are roaming in the streets sometimes begging and doing rag picking
or just roaming around in lack of foods and clothes! I as a social worker believe that we all are friends irrespective of our way of living. 




Those who are less privileged are also our friends, they also love playing, they draw beautiful things, they can sing, dance and even act very well. 
They have the same dreams as we have.. In our life when any of our friend needs help we help them.. we share our tiffins with our close friends.. we help our friends for home work and even in times when they are not physically well so why we can not help all…??
Charity is nothing but sharing with our less privileged friends..
There are little friends who roam around all over Delhi just because they don’t have enough food, home and basic requirements to live. 
I did friendship with all of them & they are my best buddies. I go to cannaught place, saket, ghaziabad, noida and we make films together, paint together, learn together. 
We share good food and clothing and lots of book for study. It’s a fun filled experience overall. 
You do not need to think about charity just remember that we all need to share our happiness with others. We should help those who we see while we go to the streets. They may look dirty or shabby but they are nothing apart from us. What they need is our friendship and love. That is what charity is all about!!
I urge you all to come forward and take a step towards making their life more feasible on the streets. 


Prity RawatDirector – Little Umbrella Foundation


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