Alternative Education

I have been always very keen about the classroom back benchers.. Those who sit in the back row, always get punishment for not studying and not doing home work. But I have always noticed them smiling.. a happy face is always what they have to serve. probably they can not answer the correct equation of statistics or the mathematical tools but they smile.

What if those back benchers were not there in the back rows?? Can a classroom could be classroom if there is no back benchers?
Normally all the correct answer is given by the first or second row of the class and the class teacher is happy to serve the best of knowledge to them. Since those back benchers are not capable of receiving the knowledge they only know funk and laughter.

But there is a classroom where no one is back bencher and no one is first bencher.. where the teacher is also student and students are also teachers. Where no one teaches.. where all learn and grow. Yes That is called as “Alternative Education“.


It is different from mainstream education. It is learning through creative mediums like arts, games, technology, fun based learning includes all creative and innovative methods to enhance a child’s overall development. Thus It does not let any child in class to sit quietly. 

It involves each and everyone since “Alternative Education” believes that each child has their own creativity and talent.. of course that may not be maths or science but definitely it could be Animation or football or film making or sound designing…

Imagine a classroom where every child is perfect in his own field. It includes musicians, painters, artists, players, dreamers and creators…
Absolutely stunning, no??

We create such classrooms through “Alternative Education” in Little Umbrella Foundation!


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