Happy Faces Coasters - Let Your Drinks Spark Joy!

Let your drinks own a special place on the table. Make a statement with our clean-cut coasters that can bring a dash of your spirit to your chillout sessions and office meetings.


  • Perfect to rest your drinks
  • Crisp prints through sublimation printing technology
  • Gloss Finish
  • 2.5 mm thick medium density
  • 90 x 90 mm with rounded corners


Bring a smile to your table (and support a brighter future) with our vibrant Happy Place Coasters from the Little Umbrella Foundation! These cheerful squares aren’t just coasters, they’re mini statements of hope and happiness.

Why choose Happy Place Coasters?


  • Spread joy with every sip: Featuring adorable designs that celebrate childhood wonder, these coasters are guaranteed to brighten any coffee break or office meeting.


  • Support a good cause: Every purchase directly benefits the Little Umbrella Foundation, helping provide underprivileged children with vital education and resources.


  • Durable and delightful: Made with high-quality medium density fiberboard and a glossy finish, these coasters are built to last and protect your surfaces in style.


  • Perfect size for any drink: At 90 x 90mm with rounded corners, these coasters are the ideal size for coffee mugs, teacups, glasses, and more.


  • Make a statement: Choose from a variety of designs that reflect your personality and values, from playful animals to inspiring quotes.


More than just coasters, Happy Place Coasters are a conversation starter:


  • Spark discussions about the importance of education and the power of a positive attitude.


  • Encourage others to join the Little Umbrella Foundation’s mission to empower children.


  • Make a tangible difference with every purchase, knowing your support is making a real impact.


Order your Happy Faces Coasters today and let the good vibes flow!